Julia Willmott (Julia Willmott Fitness) will always be up front about what I do with your data – I am committed to treating it with respect and keeping it safe.   This privacy statement explains how I do this and how you can make sure I do.

Julia Willmott (Julia Willmott Fitness) is the sole ‘Data Controller’ of your information. This means that I determine the purpose and way your information is used. I will never sell your personal information or share it with another organisation for their own purposes.

You may contact me by emailing [email protected] or calling 07786 550873.

Information I Collect

I collect information when you give it to me by:

  • Email (directly or via my website or Facebook page),
  • Social Media (eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) personal message
  • Reply to a post on social media (eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Telephone call
  • Face to face
  • Paper health forms, questionnaires and letters

I only ever collect and hold information about you that is relevant to your relationship with me. This includes:

  • Contact details (name, email address, phone number, street address, FB/Messenger contact)
  • Health information which you have given me
  • Health information about you from other health professionals, where you have given me permission to contact them, and when you have given your health professional permission to share that information with me
  • Record of correspondence and the services you are interested in
  • Record of work done and attendance at classes, retreats and workshops
  • Billing and payment information (incl bank details when you have given them to me)

How I Use the Information

I use your personal information to provide the Julia Willmott Fitness services you have requested or have expressed an interest in. I will do this on the basis of legitimate Interest or on the basis of contract / terms and conditions where we put one in place.

Processing may include:

  • Arranging your attendance at fitness classes, workshops and presentations
  • Arranging and providing personal training or one to one Pilates
  • Taking payment for the above
  • Referring you to another health or wellbeing professional where appropriate, and with your consent

Your health Information

By providing me with your health information (which is considered Special Category Data under data protection laws) you consent to me using it to ensure that the service I offer you is appropriate in terms of your health and safety, and if so, to help me design your program so that it is safe and effective. 

I also use this health information to refer you to another health or wellbeing professional where appropriate and with your consent. Please note that you are within your rights to refuse this permission, but please be aware that I may not be able to offer you my services as a result.  To program safe and effective workouts for you, I do need a complete understanding of your health status.

I will keep your data for 7 years from our latest engagement, as is stipulated by my insurance company.

I gather health information from you via forms (eg ‘PARQ’s,client forms) and in conversation with you. 

Direct Marketing

With your direct permission, I will send you my email newsletter with tips and advice on exercise, health and wellbeing. These newsletters may include details regarding classes, upcoming workshops and retreats. You will receive these communications roughly once a month.

If you choose not to receive these newsletters I will not send them to you.

I also use social media to promote Julia Willmott Fitness.  Individuals are free to engage with my social media posts or can choose not to see them.

Sharing and Disclosure

I rely on the use of services from third parties to provide my work.  I use the services of companies to collect, store and process your personal data. I only use trusted providers that comply with EU privacy laws, namely:

  • 123 reg website and email hosting
  • Social media ie Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – pages and messenger
  • Google analytics
  • Office products – data storage
  • Phone and tablet devices for communications

I also use a third party to help me with my administration, and I have a signed data processor agreement in place with her. 

Wherever possible I aim to keep your details within the EEA.

If required to by law I may need to disclose your details – to the police, regulatory bodies, or legal advisors. I will only do this in response to a valid request in compliance with UK law.

How I Keep Your Data Safe

I ensure that there are reasonable and appropriate technical controls in place to protect your personal details.

I use secure Wi-Fi and trusted software to hold and process your data. I store all files and data in Open Office (a software product). This data is protected by two sets of passwords.   My mobile devices are also password protected.  

I store your health information in a locked file in my office to which only I have access. 

Your Rights

You may ask me at any time to correct data you think I may have inaccurate;

You may ask me to limit what I do with your data or to delete it altogether.

You may request a copy of the data I hold about you.

To do this call me on 07786 550873 or email [email protected]

If you have a concern about my use of your personal data, please let me know and I will try to rectify the problem.

You can also contact the Information Commissioners Office here: