What is the Back to your Core ® Programme?

This is a revolutionary small group programme to help you regain control of your core and pelvic floor.

If you feel any of these…

  • weakness in your pelvic floor;
  • lower back pain;
  • a feeling of looseness ‘down there’;
  • leakage when you sneeze, jump our cough;
  • difficulty ‘holding on’ when you need the loo;
  • you need to get up in the night to wee;
  • a ‘tummy gap’ or diastasis..

…then this is the programme for you.

This is also a great programme if you’ve been told to ‘do your pelvic floor exercises’ but don’t know where to start, of if you just want to know more about strengthening your core to avoid future problems.

Over the 6 week foundation programme, following a pre course 1:1 consultation, we will work  together in a small group so that the course is as bespoke to you as possible (every woman is different, including her pelvic floor!).

We will cover:

  • pelvic floor and core exercises created to support you in your ‘real life’ every day movements;
  • release exercises (an optimal core is one that can both ‘work’ and ‘rest’!);
  • nutrition to support core healing and general health;
  • lifestyle strategies to support your well being – this is a truly holistic approach.

At the end of the foundation programme, it may be that you are good to go; or you may wish to do  a second phase of 6 weeks we me online- it very much depends on where you were when you started.

But rest assured I will be there to support you all the way.

The course is based on my nearly 20 years’  experience as a Women’s Wellness Coach and Pilates teacher, and my specialised training with pelvic floor experts Jenny Burrell, Michelle Lyons and Claire Mockridge. So you know you are in safe hands.

The next  6 week small group programme starts Wednesday 21st February, 11am-12pm at Wild Nest Studios, Petersfield. 

The course costs £157 and can be paid in instalments. Limited spaces.

If you are ready to regain control of your core and move with confidence again, click on the booking link below or  contact me here to book a discovery phone call…

Are you ready to take control of your Pelvic Floor? Then get in touch today…

I have felt an

I have felt an improvement in my sexual health

I quickly saw

I quickly saw a physical change in my stomach muscles

I’m now able

I'm now able to run without any worries about leakage