Pilates For Peri-Menopause (& Beyond)
6 wk Online programme

Hi, I’m Julia, a Menopause & Pilates Coach, and I’d love to help you live & move more freely through your mid life. If you answer yes to one or more of the questions below you’ve come to the right person!

Are you a woman over 35?

Noticing more tightness in your neck,  shoulders or back?

Or perhaps your hips feel less mobile?

Maybe your core has weakened?

So how does a Pilates programme geared to your midlife symptoms sound?

...or maybe, you just want someone to give you permission to LIE DOWN?

I get it. When I hit 40, I noticed these things cropping up too. New problems with my shoulders, feeling stiff in the morning. Really tired.

Maybe you’ve experienced something similar in midlife?

And it wasn’t just me –   my girlfriends  around the same age were noticing similar symptoms. 

My running buddies were getting more injuries and needed longer recovery time;

Push ups became problematic ; glutes were complaining and plantar fasciitis was cropping up more.

Perhaps this has happened to you?

My clients too  started asking me about hot flushes, new aches and pain, anxiety, sleep problems and brain fog, it dawned on me that we were all experiencing symptoms of peri-menopause.  

I needed to know the answers. 


Especially when  I started looking into the stats for women’s health.

In England and Wales, 1 in 3 women will sustain one or more osteoporotic fractures in their lifetime. 

And the impact on women’s mortaility is real: for example, if a hip fracture is not addressed with surgery, the one year mortality rate is about 70%. 

It’s harsh to read I know, but how transformational could it be for women in their 40s (and earlier!) if they were given the knowledge and tools to reduce these risks and have better health outcomes in the future, as well as feeling better in the here and now?

So, after searching for the best training in Peri-Menopause Coaching, I signed up for the phenemonal 3rd Age programme with female fitness guru Jenny Burrell and Women’s Health Physio extraordinaire Michelle Lyons. It delved into the science and evidence behind which movement, nutritional and mindset strategies got the best health and fitness outcomes for women  through peri-menopause and beyond. 

Once I graduated, I collated all this knowledge, added to my 18 years’ experience of training women in Pilates, and created this new 6 week online programme – starting Monday 16th May 2022.

Pilates for Peri-Menopause (& Beyond) 6 wk programme

I’ve designed this programme so you can enjoy all the benefits of a Mind-Body practice like Pilates, but with a specific focus on supporting your mid life transition, and managing your menopausal symptoms.

This is a 6 week programme which guides you through Pilates movements so you can;

  • reconnect with your core and reduce back pain
  • manage common menopausal joint issues eg shoulders
  • learn moves to help relieve tightness and  aches
  • breathing practice to help manage  stress  and mental wellness
  • sleep better

I loved that ball on my shoulders. Nothing has ever come close to releasing the tension in the past. 

N Callaghan

 My back feels so much better after Pilates  and remembering your posture advice is making a huge amount of difference.

J Shore

Let Me Show You A Little Bit More About The Programme...

Inside the programme you’ll have 6 weeks of Pilates and content which will help you manage those common midlife issues.

Pilates Workouts – 45 Minute Long Videos

Week 1 – Back to your Core – Reconnecting with your Pelvic Floor

Week 2 – The Breathe – The key to your midlife wellness

Week 3 – Foot Fetish – How foot care impacts on the whole body

Week 4 – The Menopausal Shoulder – What it is and what to do about it

Week 5 – The Hips Don’t Lie – Hip stability & release

Week 6 – Strong Back, Soft Heart – Moves to promote spinal health & emotional wellness in Menopause


There will be a whatsapp or Facebook group where we can support each other and share the Pilates fun!

Menopause Solutions

Through a series of videos, audios and printable .pdf sheets you’ll also learn how to manage common menopausal symptoms, including:

  • mood swings, anxiety & brain fog
  • hot flushes
    mid rift weight gain & heart health
  • loss of libido
  • sleep and feeling ‘tired but wired’
  • aches and pains

Pilates Teacher in your Pocket

I’ll also be available to you via the group or by email to answer any questions (in office hours).

The 'Pilates for Peri-Menopause (& Beyond)' Programme Is Different To Any Pilates Programme You've Tried Before:

Pilates exercises designed specifically to help you manage symptoms of peri menopause and beyond

Functional based Pilates moves which will support you in your every day movements

A motivating selection of Pilates workouts  so you don’t get bored and give up

 Choose to do it when you like – as the workouts are pre recorded you can do them at a time to suit you

JOYful Pilates – if it’s fun, you’ll want to come back for more – go YOU and those regular workouts!

Me to help motivate you and keep you going via our online group or email

Modifications, warm ups and cool down releases to keep your joints happy and those niggles at bay

Results based workouts which target your mid life wellness

Workouts designed by me, your Peri-Menopause & Pelvic Floor Coach with 18 years’ experience teaching Pilates to 100s of women

The reassurance of a full health screening before you join

Support and motivation via our online group of like minded women

I see you: I only take a limited number of women on board so I can get to know you – you won’t get lost in the crowd

“Wow Julia, I can’t tell you how much better my neck is after your Pilates workout yesterday!”

A Chapman

The Pilates exercises have really helped with my posture, my back and shoulders, and with tummy strength.

R Newnham

And there’s another little secret ingredient for you (and this is the only Pilates programme of its kind which has this type of offering):

  • your very own hormone happy recipe sheets to print off and use.

Oh and as this is a truly holistic programme…

  • additional advice on how to reach your full happiness potential through creating new healthful habits, optimal sleep, hormone harmony, relaxation techniques and more.

How much does it cost?

The 6-week programme costs £37.
Please see T&Cs.

What will I need?

You’ll need a small pilates ball (23cm / 9 inches), two tennis balls and a light resistance band. If you need any help sourcing these items let me know.

You’ll also need a yoga mat, & a laptop or tablet which you can place in an area of your home suitable for exercising. 

To be informed as soon as booking opens for the next course add your details to the waiting list by clicking the button below.

NB: If you , are pregnant or early post natal, these workouts aren’t suitable. 

You will need to complete a health form to check this is the right programme for you. If not, Julia Willmott may suggest a 1:1 programme if more suitable, or sign post you to another practitioner to help with any specific health issue if she feels the programme isn’t be suitable for you.

(Please note that you will only have access to the videos for the duration of the 6-week programme), but you will have the opportunity to join my Mojo Movement Membership ® which will give you continued access to this course PLUS LOTS MORE.

Julia always keeps us motivated

"Julia always keeps us motivated and reminds us of when the classes are on through regular WhatsApp messages." - Jo Watts

Julia also invites inspirational wellness speakers

"Julia also invites inspirational wellness speakers to talk to us on our zoom Mojo Cafes."

Julia constantly checks in and motivates the group

"Julia constantly checks in and motivates the group, giving us useful tips and life hacks which I find extremely helpful. "

I love the combination of Hiit

"I love the combination of Hiit, dance and Pilates workouts (for all abilities) and the flexibility of doing them when it suits me in the comfort of my own home." - Jane Shannon

I’ve recently delved into the Mojo Cafes

"I've recently delved into the Mojo Cafes with their menopause tips and recipe ideas which I'll definitely be exploring more."

Jules is encouraging and enthusiastic

"Jules is encouraging and enthusiastic, she talks you through all of the different moves with very clear instructions and always provides alternatives when and if needed."

There’s an excellent range of workouts

"There's an excellent range of workouts in HIIT, Pilates and Funk It, with varying levels of impact and challenge." - Michelle Robinson

fun and challenging

"If you are looking for a fun and challenging workouts then Jules is the lady to gently guide you on the way to feeling great!"

muscle definition

"The muscle definition in my arms and legs has also been noticeable, my legs feel stronger and I can now run further for longer."

Having completed the HIIT six week

"Having completed the HIIT six week programme, I can proudly say that I have doubled the ammount of push-ups I can complete in a minute."