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I used to think I wasn’t as good as them…

I used to think I wasn’t as good as them, you know those super fit people working out in the gym. When I rocked up at Central YMCA in London, on a September morning in 2003, I nearly turned around and walked home. I’d quit my 9 to 5 and I was about to start my training as a Personal Trainer, but I was completely out of my comfort zone. A voice in my head said ‘I’m not fit enough’, ‘I feel like a fraud’, ‘I can’t do this’. But from God knows where I managed to dig up the courage to walk through those doors. Sitting in that class room I watched as my new class mates walked in, many much younger than my 32 years, but some older. There was every kind of person in the room – a boxer, professional dancers, a body builder, but also an ex taxi driver who wanted a new career as he edged into his 60s; and a lawyer who just wanted to boost her own fitness. 

Over the following months we went through our rigorous training together, the highs and lows, and it gradually dawned on me that no one was interested in my ‘worthiness’ to be there. Each person was only focussed on their journey, on their particular reason for wanting to help others live fitter and healthier lives. We became a really tight supportive group and with the help of our tutors became qualified PTs. 

Within each one of us is the strength we need to achieve those tough goals in life. Every fight you’ve had, every tune you’ve had to dance to, every bit of your life experience, is already within you to draw from so you can achieve your life goals. Keep striving. Keep believing. 


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