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5 Ways To Squeeze More Steps Into Your Day

At the time of writing this, it’s May here in the UK – my favourite month!

The longer days, warmer temperatures, and the trees and flowers bursting with colour, don’t you find you get more energy at this time of year?

It’s also National Walking Month, so what better time to add some more steps into our day!

Walking – the underrated health boost

I’ve always been a huge advocate of walking as a way to boost health and fitness, and IMO it’s vastly underrated in the fitness world.

It has so many benefits, is really accessible, and perfect when starting out on a fitness journey, or as part of an established routine.


  • is low impact so easy on joints;
  • lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and stroke
  • helps with weight management;
  • buffs our bones;
  • improves mental wellbeing.

“But do I really need to do 10,000 steps every day to gain all those benefits?”

Well it depends. If someone is currently doing little to no daily activity, they will benefit from a couple of thousand steps a day.

But if you’re already walking regularly then your goal will be higher.

According to Cedrix X Bryant, President and Chief Science Officer of the American Council of Exercise:

“If individuals can get about 7,000 steps or so, they’re going to be doing a pretty good job of hitting the mark.”

So how can I squeeze more steps into my day?

1. Add Walking into Your Daily Commute

If possible, walk to work or school, or get off the bus or train a few stops early to add extra steps. If you drive, park further away from your destination than usual. This can significantly increase your daily step count with just a slight adjustment to your routine.

2. Set Regular Walking Breaks

Incorporate short walking breaks throughout your day, especially if you have a seated job. Set reminders to take a five-minute walk every hour or two. This not only increases your step count but also helps in reducing the strain of sitting for long periods.

3. Use a Step Tracker

Wear a pedometer or use a smartphone app to track your steps. Setting a daily goal and monitoring your progress can motivate you to find ways to add more steps. Challenges with friends or coworkers can also add a fun and competitive element to reaching your step goals.

4. Walk for a Good Cause

Doing a sponsored walk or regular walks to raise awareness for a charity can be a huge motivator, and doing it with friends and family gives you that extra boost of having a common goal for a cause close to your hearts.

One of our Pilates class walks in memory of much loved Maddy Lawrence, with Maddy’s family – follow #walkformaddy on Facebook or Instagran or visit to learn more

5. Try Online Walking Based Workouts

When the weather’s rubbish it’s harder to get that walking motivation on, so why not try some walking based onlline workouts? My 20 minute Walkfit workout is super popular on my Menofit (TM) 14 Day Bootcamp  – if you’d like to join the waitlist for our next 14 Day Programme just click on the link here.

How do you think you might add more walking this month? Let me know!

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