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Why Pilates is so good for perimenopause – and beyond!

Okay I know I’m biased, but even after almost 20 years of coaching women in Pilates, I’m still in awe of its many benefits, especially when it comes to midlife wellness.

Pilates has so many sneaky ways of benefiting your body, especially when we hit 40 and over, including these:

  • it boosts bone health through resistance training and body weight exercises;
  • it calms the nervous system with its mind/body focus;
  • it improves pelvic floor and core function;
  • it helps maintain a healthful and movable spine;
  • it improves posture;
  • it increases flexibility;
  • it can be done in the smallest of spaces at home or you can do it in a studio!
  • it makes you really good at maths; (not that one, I lied).

If you’d like to enjoy all these benefits of Pilates, I offer coaching both online and in-person here in Petersfield – just get in touch if you’d like to know more!

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